Gwen Cooper (sees_so_much) wrote,
Gwen Cooper

theinternetcafe [episode: Random Shoes]

Well, this part of the job is familiar, at least. Finding out someone you knew just in passing was killed and having to tell their family never gets even a little bit easier. Why's it always got to be the bad things that never change, no matter how different your life becomes?

[Filtered to Torchwood]

Well, damn. Damn, damn, damn. I'm sorry, everyone, for the wasted trip. I just thought... poor Eugene, he did try so hard. I really feel sort of awful, honestly. He seemed a really sweet guy, you know? I hope he wasn't running to show us something this time, that it wasn't our fault even indirectly like that.

Do you all really think it was just an accident? I mean, I know they happen, like I said up above, I've seen people I sort of knew from my neighborhood get killed, just random car accidents and that sort of thing, and I always felt a little bit worse about those just because I could remember them alive, and it was weird, but...

I don't know. I just had a feeling about Eugene. It keeps bothering me. More than it should, I think. Maybe I'll go out for a walk, grab some tea, clear my head a bit.

[Filtered to Owen]

If you're not busy tonight, I could use some company for dinner. We could have that talk?

[ooc: backdated to the same day as the other, obviously, but taggable as people get to it: no rush! Owen-mun, I'll email you and we can set up a post for them, too.]
Tags: episodes: random shoes, internet cafe
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