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I can't go back

I've seen too much

Gwen Cooper
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I had a good job before this. I thought in a year or two perhaps a baby, I knew Rhys would be a good dad and I could try for desk sergeant - and well... it was all slotting into place.

And then I met you lot.

All these things, they're changing me - changing how I see the world.

And I can’t share them with anyone.

Gwen Cooper is a fictional character from the BBC's Torchwood. This journal is for RP use in oncoming_storms and theinternetcafe and no copyright infringement is intended. Gwen Cooper is not mine. I am not Eve Myles. Don't sue me, I have no money.

This journal is also very likely to contain adult material at some point or other. If you are under 18, don't read!

Mun may be found at viridian.